Sure-Track for Business - Bespoke & Other Applications

Sure-Track for Business covers all types of business assets powered or unpowered from Plant and Tractors to Commercial Fleet and Logistics.  In fact, our solutions have been used to manage the prevention of overheating for hydraulics, impact-reporting for chargeable damage to machines and health and safety maintenance schedules for non-powered trailers.

Our products are split into three main areas and often with specific bespoke requirements or unusual applications you will find that you require more than one system to help solve your problem. If you are in any doubt at any time just call us on 01926 863630 or fill in our enquiry form.

shield icon Theft Deterrent: Click here to view Theft Deterrent Products 
Designed to help prevent your asset from being stolen by marking in different locations using different techniques, this makes it difficult for a thief to sell on or strip down for parts.
shield icon Asset Recovery: Click here to view Asset Recovery Products
This system recovers assets after theft using a battery powered GSM/GPRS/RF covert tracking devices and comes complete with 24/7 monitoring and access to our finder network.
shield icon Fleet Management: Click here for Fleet Management Products
Can be used to monitor vehicles activity and can also help with driver behaviour and location management..

In addition many insurance providers will also offer you a discount if you have one of the Sure-Track range of products fitted.

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