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The Best Vehicle Camera & Tracking Device


Accidents happen with vehicles on road but often the root cause remains a secret. Fleet cameras help in analysing such incidents effectively after such an accident has occurred to ascertain the true reason. Sure-Track’s best vehicle tracker equipped with the best vehicle camera helps in superior fleet management.

  • It provides video updates in the real-time with live feeds to the management that helps in scrutinizing the entire episode from beginning till the end.
  • Since the car tracking device is fitted within the vehicle it can offer conclusive evidence and proof of the person at fault.
  • Data gathered from such feeds are collated, studied and then used for training and development purposes of the crew and drivers to improve their performance and behaviours on the road.
  • Helps track vehicular movement of your entire fleet from a single point. Is a web-based cloud system that can be accessed from remote locations using smartphone and Sure-Track’s App.
  • With easy tracking, the system inevitably helps optimize fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Sure-Track Incident camera acts as a protective system preventing cases of thefts, rash driving and other malpractices by the driver.

Elevate your fleet’s performance and service standards to a completely different level using Sure-Track’s Incident Camera system that is fully compatible with our Tracking and Recovery system. Our specialized solutions have proved to be an effective business tool for our clients helping augment safety and security of their fleet in transit. Overall, the system improves professional communication between the back office, managers and drivers that directly boost business performance.