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If our standard offerings do not fulfil your needs, please contact Sure-Track and speak with one of our technical team about your requirements

At Sure-Track we love a challenge, if our standard offerings do not fulfil your needs, please contact us and speak with one of our technical team about your requirements.

Below are some of the bespoke solutions we have previously developed -

  • Security Keypad Immobiliser - Combining both security and telematics, Sure-Track has developed a robust keypad device suitable for fleets where controlled access is required. Not only does the system act as an anti-theft device, it also offers a wealth of benefits including full telematics and multiple input options for reporting on engine hours, excavating or even seatbelt activation.
  • Combined Fleet Management & Theft Recovery. We took the best elements of two of our key solutions, integrated them and designed a rugged casing. For additional security we added an immobilisation feature and installed the unit to make it look like part of the machine.
  • CANbus & Tacho: We are able to measure up to 70 parameters using our on-board diagnostic device or fleet management system (FMS) interface. CANbus gives fleet managers key insights on driving styles, which in turn allows them to take action to control costs, ensure safety and meet regulations.
  • Telematics for Non-Powered Trailers. We worked alongside a national trailer manufacturer to produce a unit capable of providing full telematics and servicing data for non powered trailers. This was achieved by using leading edge charging technology and sophisticated power management.
  • Telematics for the Rail Sector. The customer needed a system that would improve machine utilisation, prevent unauthorised usage and tighten their servicing schedules. In response, we developed a multi-input switch system that was able to fully meet these requirements.
  • Telematics for Ride on Mowers. We developed a full telematics system for mowers that monitors the performance of contract workers with an innovative design that switches off power if the mower starts overheating, to prevent damaging the engine.
  • Live Stream Vehicle CCTV. Every CCTV system we install is customised to meet specific requirements. Our systems can be used to achieve FORS accreditation and all come with live streaming and remote download capability.
  • Trembler System for the Railways.. The customer utilises units with either a continuity loop (up to 250m along the track) or a physical tamper switch to monitor assets and equipment (including cable) along the side of the railway including cable and to monitor manhole covers and access gateways to the railway inc. The Alerts and location information are sent direct to the control room for a rapid response.

  • National Trailer Manufacturer

    National Trailer Manufacturer

  • Plant equipment in Rail sector

    Plant equipment in Rail sector

  • Ride on Mowers

    Ride on Mowers

Sure-Track are specialists in Vehicle Tracking Solutions and Asset Recovery Services for both Personal and Business users.

Whether you need help to monitor the safety and behaviour of your drivers, manage the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet, or recover stolen vehicles and equipment, Sure-Track will have a solution for you.



"Our partnership with Sure-Track has been invaluable to our 4000+ members in ensuring the safety of their livelihoods. Their indubitable professionalism and commitment  to the integrity of their product is exemplary and unwavering."


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