28 April 2017

Sure-Track recovers a stolen Welfare Unit in Leicestershire

Posted in Recent Finds

Thieves plumb to new depths with theft of Welfare Unit

The theft of Welfare Units can be somewhat of an inconvenience, leaving users without essential facilities on site.

Make sure thieves don't get away with this by fitting your units with a Sure-Track MT3 tracking device.  

Read on to discover our latest theft recovery success, involving a 7 Man Solar Powered Eco Welfare Pod, one of our experienced finders and the armed police!

10:15 – Sure-Track receive a call from a customer, reporting the theft of their expensive welfare unit from a construction site in Leicestershire.

10:30 - The MT3 tracking and recovery unit is put into alarm mode as we await further instructions.

12:10 - With the MT3 unit due to wake up at 13:15pm, a local and experienced finder is put on standby.

13:15 - The MT3 tracking unit alarms in a small village in Leicestershire. The finder is immediately alerted and makes their way directly to the scene.

13:45 - The finder promptly arrives at the approximate location given by the MT3 tracking unit.

14:00 – The signal is strong enough convince the finder to continue his pursuit on foot.

14:15 – Result! A strong signal is found coming from a large gated travellers site.

14:30 – The finder alerts the police of the potential location.

15:15 – The police arrive on site but advise that they require armed back up before they enter the site. Both the police and the finder await back up from a safe location.

16:00 - A combination of 15 police officers, 8 police vehicles and a dog unit arrive on site to collect the stolen unit. 

17:10 – The stolen Welfare Unit is towed out of the site with armed force protection.  

If theft is a concern for you, get in touch with Sure Track today, and find out how our MT3 tracking unit could help you.