04 May 2018


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Bethell 'puts safety first'

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Established in 1865, Bethell has grown from a small, family-owned, firm to one of the most successful construction services companies in the UK. Bethell have a clear vision [and a strong set of values] - one of the most important being to 'Put Safety first and ensure all our projects are delivered accident-free'.


The Challenge

In line with Bethell's vision of putting safety first, the company holds great importance on protecting their workforce/drivers against non-fault claims and strives towards continued driver improvement. 
Despite having an excellent safety record, Bethell was fully aware of the need for video evidence in potential 50/50 cases. With previous telematics experience being unsatisfactory to say the least, the business was in need of a reliable telematics partner.

Bethell wanted to continue to monitor their drivers' behaviour, understanding that improved driving would result in a safer fleet and also drive down fuel and servicing costs on their vehicles.


Sure-Track listened to Bethell's vision and took a detailed brief of their requirements. We installed our complete GPS fleet management solution, which is our top of the range product with full telematics, drivers behaviour, crash detection, integrated incident camera and driver identification.

Key success factors

Within a few months of fitting the system one of Bethells' HGVs was involved in a minor incident (luckily no-one was hurt). The video evidence showed clearly that the Bethell driver was not at fault resulting in a potentially tricky/time consuming claim being settled quickly and efficiently.

Another vehicle's forward-facing camera was able to provide crucial evidence for an accident that took place in front of a Bethell driver - speeding up the police information gathering and minimising the delay in re-opening the road.

Through using the 'driver behaviour' feature on the Sure-Track system, Bethell has been able to closely monitor their drivers' behaviour. They have seen month by month improvements from individuals and this is clear to see when looking at their accident record. They are just about to roll out a driver reward scheme which will no doubt see further improvements!