23 November 2018

Combining Incident Cameras and Telematics to improve fleet safety

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With an increasing number of vehicles on the roads, companies need to do everything they can to protect the safety and integrity of their fleet. Fitting the latest Telematics and Incident Camera equipment can be considered a major step towards achieving this goal.

Incident Camera
The benefits of Telematics for monitoring drivers’ behaviour are well documented. Fleet Managers are also becoming more aware of the benefits of installing Incident Cameras too. But what’s less understood, is the power of the information that can be gained from the two systems combined. 

The Sure-Track Telematics & Incident Camera solution provides over-air reports, alerts and footage to the Fleet Manager whenever something out of the ordinary happens. Sending over-air means that visiting the vehicle to get hold of the SD memory card is no longer required. This quick and simple process allows fleet managers to react immediately, as soon as an incident happens. 

Insurance Benefits 

Insurance companies are increasingly interested in the potential of this technology and are now insisting on these types of systems on certain policies. The video footage can clearly show who is to blame in many road traffic accidents. It has also been reported that simply installing the system results in driving behaviours improving.

Video footage can also be used to dispute false 3rd party insurance claims. In a recent incident, one of our customers was accused of knocking a wing mirror off a parked car. The Fleet Manager was able to look back at the historical footage and see that when the driver drove past the vehicle in question, the wing mirror was already off the vehicle. This video footage resulted in the claim being instantly dropped by the third party, leaving the driver and company no longer liable to the financial repercussions.

Driver Training and Recognition

It is important to note, the Sure-Track Telematics and Incident Camera solution can also be used to train and praise your drivers. For example, a harsh braking video may be sent and it may reveal that the driver had left enough distance to prevent an accident.

Footage is provided of poor and/or unsafe driving such as harsh braking, aggressive cornering and speeding. This allows Fleet Managers to act early and offer their drivers training and support to make them safer on the roads.

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