13 March 2020

Van Security - Protect yourself from van theft

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Top tips to improve van security

Did you know, a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK? With a huge market for second hand tools, the contents of a van can be a goldmine for thieves, which is why van security is a crucial topic to address.

The impact of van theft is massive. Many van owners suffer from a loss of work, which in turn can lead to an impact on their business reputation. This teamed with the stress of replacing stolen goods, dealing with insurance claims and rising premiums, leaves van owners and businesses in a troublesome position. Trades people are calling it an "epidemic" that is destroying their livelihoods.

If you're reading this article, then hopefully you're taking a proactive approach to van security and have not already fallen victim to van theft. Below, we outline some simple measures you can take to help make your van less of a target, and deterring thieves from breaking into your van in the first place.

Sure-Track's Van Security Tips

  • Track it: install a tracking device to help police recover a stolen van should the worst happen.

  • Location location location: park your van in a well-lit area, ideally with CCTV. Or, if possible, consider locking the van away every evening in a locked garage.

  • Remove valuables: make sure tools are removed from vans overnight and lock them in a secure storage box away from the van itself.

  • Alarm it: most vans come with an alarm and immobiliser fitted as standard. You should check that they are Thatcham category 2 approved, which means it has an immobiliser included as part of the alarm system. If not, it's advisable to upgrade to a more advanced system.

  • Fit extra locks: consider fitting a stoplock, deadlock or slam lock to your van for extra van security.