07 February 2020

Winter essentials for your fleet - Get ready for Storm Ciara

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Keep your fleet secure and safe during the winter months

The UK weather forecast for the next 5 days doesn't look promising.

Storm Ciara is set to give the country a battering, with 80mph gales set to hit the South on Sunday amid five days of weather hell as fog, snow, lightning, rain and -5C chills also strike Britain. Widespread disruption to roads is expected, but what if your business relies on keeping your vehicles safe and secure on the roads?

Of all the seasons, winter requires the most care and preparation if you're to keep your fleet safe and secure. Adverse weather and longer periods of darkness makes driving conditions more hazardous and vehicle security a top priority.

Make sure your vehicles and drivers are prepared for winter, and keep safe during Storm Ciara with these fleet essentials:

  1. Vehicle Check App
    Ensure your vehicles are safe to drive in the hazardous winter conditions. The vehicle check app allows your drivers to report incidents and conduct daily vehicle checks before they embark on their journey. 

  2. 3G Incident Camera
    With the 3G front, rear and driver facing Incident Camera solutions you can reduce accidents during hazardous conditions, make insurance savings, improve driver behaviour and protect your fleet against fraudulent claims. Check out this RTA caught on a Sure-Track Incident Camera...

  3. Wireless Theft Recovery Tracker
    Vehicle thefts rise during the dark winter months. Achieve peace of mind so that, should the worst happen, your prized possession has the best chance of being returned safely within 24 hours.

To discuss our winter fleet essentials in more detail, please get in touch with a member of the team today!