22 September 2020

Construction Site Machinery Recovered for Yorkshire based Construction Firms

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Sure-Track recovers 2 stolen construction site vehicles in one day

It was a busy day for Sure-Track with our finder network scouring the North to recover not one, but two pieces of construction site machinery for two Yorkshire based construction firms.

Luckily, both machines were fitted with Sure-Track's Thatcham approved Wireless Theft Recovery Tracker.

Recovery #1 – Doosan Excavator

A Yorkshire based construction firm alerted the Sure-Trak monitoring station of the theft of a Doosan Excavator from a nearby construction site. After immediately putting the excavator’s unit into alarm mode, the team was presented with an approximate position in the Preston area.

Despite providing an approximate (broad) location, the signal from the excavator was faint, which in many cases is a clear sign that the unit is being hidden in a steel container. The team turned on the over-watch settings in the hope that a clearer signal would come in…

Finally! The unit pinged into visibility at 8am on Thursday 10th September. The machine had been moved to a new location and was showing far better signal/coverage. We knew at this point we had a great chance of recovering it, so a local finder was dispatched and went straight to the site.

After arriving on site and searching for around 1PHOTO 2020 09 10 18 02 09 hour using our state-of-the-art radio equipment, he picked up a strong signal which led him to a beer brewery (lucky finder!).

The onsite staff were incredibly accommodating, giving the finder access to pursue his search. The excavator was located onsite, being used by a contractor.

The customer and police were informed, and the excavator was recovered by 5pm.

Thirsty work! Unfortunately there was no time for a celebratory beer at the brewery…

Recovery #2 – Garbin Trencher

Just when we were ready to leave the brewery, we were alerted of a theft from another Yorkshire based construction firm. 

This time something very different, a Garbin Trencher… having a wireless tracker means we can literally track anything!

The customer alerted us that the machine had only just been stolen, so time was of the essence if we wanted a swift recovery. Our out of hours team took over and tracked the machine all the way to Durham… and it was on the move!

Our dedicated finder offered to go again, but we told him to stand down and IMG 0346have a break and contacted a more local finder based in the area.

Luckily he arrived nearby at exactly the same time as the machine stopped moving. However, he knew he was in for a challenge, with night finds notoriously dangerous and difficult.

Luckily, due to persistence and experience, the finder got a signal, and within a few hours the machine as found and the police had recovered it. The culprits were arrested and the machine pounded for further investigations!

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