20 December 2019

All I want for Christmas is... my Range Rover back!

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Stolen Range Rover recovered just in time for Christmas!

The final countdown to Christmas has officially begun... with gifts stacked under the tree and Christmas shopping loaded in car boots, the festive period can be a prevalent time for thieves to strike.

When it comes to security, you could be forgiven for focusing solely on your home at Christmas time. But it's important not to neglect your car during the festive period. Extra vigilance is required to keep your vehicle secure at Christmas...

Luckily for a one customer, when their Range Rover was stolen from outside their home in the middle of the night, it was fitted with a Sure-Track MT3 Wireless Theft Recovery Tracker.

The Rochdale based individual called the Sure-Track monitoring station to alert them of the theft. The Sure-Track team promptly put the Range Rover's unit into alarm mode. The monitoring team worked throughout the night to ensure the customer's Christmas would not be ruined.

Range Rover 01By using a combination of cell site triangulation and research of the area, the team were able to gain better insight of the vehicle's location. A local finder was dispatched to Rochdale in the early hours of the morning, and a signal was picked up almost immediately using RF scanning equipment. The signal brought the finder to Spotland Stadium in Rochdale, where the finder recovered the Range Rover within an hour!

An early Christmas present for a very happy customer! 

Remember, your car security isn’t just for Christmas - though winter months do pose a particularly high threat level, it’s important to consider car security all year round. Ensure you fit your vehicle(s) with a Sure-Track MT3 Wireless Theft Recovery Tracker.