15 November 2019

Bobcat Mini Excavator - Stolen / Recovered!

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Stolen Bobcat Mini Excavator Recovered in Nottinghamshire

UK construction sites are increasingly being targeted by thieves who recognise the financial value of plant machinery.

Smaller items of plant equipment such as mini excavators and generators are often stolen from contract sites outside of working hours or whilst being hired out. Consequently, many plant hire firms are now investing in additional security measures such as on-site cameras, perimeter fences and tracking devices to keep their vehicles safe from theft.

IMG 0749Fortunately for a national Plant Hire business, when their Bobcat Mini Excavator was stolen in the middle of the night from their customer’s site, it was fitted with a Sure-Track MT3 Wireless Theft Recovery Tracker.

The Nottinghamshire based Plant Hire business alerted the Sure-Track monitoring station, who promptly put the unit into alarm mode. The monitoring team worked tirelessly throughout the night, and, after using a combination of cell site triangulation and research of the area, we had a good idea of the vehicle's location.

A finder was dispatched to the site in the early hours of the morning, and a signal was picked up almost immediately using our RF scanning equipment. The signal brought the finder to a farmer's field, where the finder gained a visual of the Mini Excavator, hidden behind some bushes and a corrugated iron shed.

The police were alerted of the discovery and arrived on site within 20 minutes. Fantastic response! All in all, a exemplary recovery!