07 July 2019

Two Stolen Excavators Recovered in Bournemouth

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With the demand for construction equipment on the rise, crime levels are increasing also. Building and construction sites are perfect targets for thieves, with expensive tools and machinery left lying around after work hours, it's an open invitation for would-be thieves. 

The impact of theft on construction and plant hire firms can be catastrophic. Not only is there a high cost in terms of both time and money spent replacing this expensive equipment, but without the right tools, firms are simply unable to work. 

It's for this reason why so many construction and plant hire firms are turning to additional security measures to limit theft. This can include installing on-site cameras, perimeter fences and tracking devices.

Luckily for one of our long-standing construction customers, they planned ahead... fitting their excavators with Sure-Track's MT3 Wireless Theft Recovery Trackers, which came in handy when two were stolen on the same day earlier this month...  

After receiving a notification from the customer that two Takeuchi excavators had been stolen from a construction site in Dorset, Sure-Track put both of the MT3 tracking and recovery units into alarm mode and dispatched the finder to an area outside of Bournemouth.

After a tough day searching two areas nearly 30 miles apart, and with the support of the police, both stolen Takeuchi excavators were recovered from two separate locations and returned to the relieved customer.

excavator 01

If machinery theft is a concern for you, get in touch with Sure Track today, and find out how our MT3 tracking unit could help you.