09 August 2016

Helping to reduce the cost of plant and construction theft

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Sure Track recovers a stolen Komatsu PC09-1 Mini Excavator

A recent survey conducted for the Chartered Institute of Building identified that 92% of their respondents in the construction industry are affected regularly by theft, with over 21% of these revealing that theft takes place on a weekly basis from their sites.Theft of construction equipment runs at over £2 million per day in the UK and only about 5% is ever recovered.

This high volume of plant and construction theft means that many in the industry are taking extra precautions to ensure their sites and machinery are secure. Sure Track works with many plant and construction companies across the UK, who take advantage of our MT3 tracking and recovery unit to increase their chance of getting their equipment back quickly, should it ever be stolen.

Read on to discover our latest theft recovery within the plant and construction industry. A Komatsu PC09-1 Mini Excavator, stolen from a carpentry and restoration company in the Midlands. 

09:35 - Sure Track receive a call from a concerned customer, reporting the theft of their Komatsu PC09-1 Mini Excavator, worth £8,000.

10:30 - The MT3 tracking unit is put into alarm mode, as one of our experienced finders is alerted and put on standby. The finder awaits further instructions.

11:00 - The MT3 tracking unit alarms in with an approximate location of Frankley, near Birmingham. The local finder is immediatley alerted and makes their way to the scene

12:15 - The finder swiftly arrives at the approximate location given by the MT3 tracking unit. He then begins his pursuit of a stronger signal and the excavator!

13:05 - A strong signal was found coming from a housing estate. The difficulty at this point was distinguising which of the gardens it was hidden in! 

14:10 - Through the process of elimination, the finder was able to refine his efforts to three terraced houses. The police are immediatley called. 

15:30 - Whilst waiting for the police, the customer arrives. The finder explains the situation to the customer, reassuring them that the strong signals are a very positive sign. 

16:30 - The police arrive on site and explain that it will be difficult without a warrant to search the properties.

16:35 - Our finder was determined to reunite the customer with their stolen excavator, so convinces the police to assist him in looking over fences and searching back entries.  

17:00 - Success! The excavator is located in the garden of one of the properties. Now we hand over to the police who begin the process of confronting the culprit.

17:15 - The owner of the house cooperated with the police as it turned out he had purchased the excavator from the thieves without realising.

17:20 - the excavator is returned to our happy customer and the police continued their investigations.

If plant theft is a concern for you, get in touch with Sure Track today, and find out how our MT3 tracking unit could help you.