16 November 2018

Sip Sip Hooray! Sure-Track Recovers a Stolen Prosecco Van

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Sure-Track's latest recovery

With the festive season fast approaching… we can almost hear the clinking of glasses at the endless Christmas parties to be taking place up and down the country.

That’s why, the owners of a beautiful Piaggio Ape Prosecco Bar were left in a fizz, when they discovered their bar had been stolen from a ‘secure’ storage compound.

With lots of upcoming Christmas bookings, big money was at stake, so it was crucial to recover this quickly!

Luckily, for the owners, the vehicle had been fitted with an MT3 Theft Recovery Tracker - the signal of which led Sure-Track to its location within just a few hours! And we got their just in the nick of time, as it was sitting in a garage, waiting to be sprayed.

Owner, Nicola, said...

When we first received the call from Sure-Track that our vehicle was on the move - we were in utter shock. It was late at night and we believed that our little Piaggio tuk tuk was tucked up safe and sound in the secure unit where we store her. 

Piaggio 01

We had the vehicle imported and converted into a mobile prosecco, cocktail and real ale truck two years ago, and without the vehicle itself, our business would not exist. Not only this, but the amount of work we put into designing the vehicle, the logos and the bar area, the vehicle is simply irreplaceable.

We were so relieved that we had the tracker fitted which costs us so little each month, yet without it wewould have been left utterly devastated. We cannot thank the team at Sure-Track enough for the recovery of our vehicle. The team obviously cared and were determined to recover the vehicle, keeping us informed at every stage. Thanks to Sure-track, our vehicle was recovered, with minimal damage and we were able to be back in business by the following weekend, saving us from having to let customers down in providing our mobile prosecco bar at a 60th Birthday celebration!”

Keep your catering vehicles safe from thieves around the festive period and beyond – fit them with a Sure-Track MT3 Theft Recovery Tracker. NCASS members even get a 20% discount! 

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