01 August 2016

Staying one step ahead of car thieves

Posted in Recent Finds

Car stolen from car dealer forecourt, recovered in less than 3 hours!

After two decades on the decline, the number of cars stolen in England and Wales rose by a staggering 9% in 2015 alone. In response to this, Sure Track works with many car owners as well as a high volume of top car dealers. Our Thatcham approved MT3 tracking and recovery device helps car owners and dealers remain one step ahead of thieves, safe in the knowledge that should their vehicle ever be stolen, we'll go above and beyond to ensure it gets recovered!

Read on to discover our latest find, a car stolen from a car dealer’s forecourt in Manchester!

18:30 - A car dealership based in Manchester calls the Sure Track bureau to report the theft of a Ford Focus. The car was stolen from the forecourt by a fake customer whilst pretending to shop for cars!

18:40 - The MT3 tracking unit is set to alarm mode as one of Sure Tracks many experienced finders is alerted and put on stand-by.

20:30 - The MT3 tracking unit alarms in with a location in Manchester city centre, only a couple of miles away from where it was stolen. The local finder is alerted and begins to make his way to the scene.

20:50 - The finder arrives on site and begins to embark on his search for a signal from the MT3 tracking unit.

21:10 - Result! The finder picks up a strong signal in a housing estate on the outskirts of Manchester city centre! He continues his pursuit, with the signal continuing to strengthen.

21:20 - Feeling confident of the vehicles location, the finder contacts the police for back up.

21:30 - The police swiftly arrive on site and join the finder in the final steps to locate the vehicle. The finder is even momentarily involved in a high speed police pursuit! Luckily for the finder, backup arrived and they were able to continue the search for the missing vehicle.

21:40 - Fantastic news! The Ford Focus is discovered on a residential street.

22:30 - The ecstatic customer arrives on site to collect the vehicle!

If car crime is a concern for you, get in touch with Sure Track today, and find out how our MT3 tracking unit could help you.