11 December 2015

Stolen: Bobcat E25 2.5 Tonne Excavator

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Sure Track conquers plant theft in Yorkshire, again!

Stolen: Bobcat E25 2.5 Tonne Excavator

Date: 07/12/15

Customer: Plant Hire Company

Asset stolen: Bobcat E25 2.5 Tonne Excavator

Asset value: £23,000

07:50 -  Sure Track Bureau receives a call from an East Midlands based Plant Hire company, to report the overnight theft of a Bobcat E25 2.5 Tonne Excavator from a construction site in Leicestershire.

08:00 - Sure Track confirm details of the theft and put the MT3 unit into alarm mode. 

09:30 - Unit goes into alarm, giving a position in the Wakefield area. Sure Track dispatch a finder to the area.

10:45 – The finder arrives in the suspected area, however is unable to detect a RF signal. He decides to circle the areas of Wakefield and Horbury, venturing onto high ground.

12:45 – A signal is detected at the back of car park. The finder continues his pursuit on foot, into a valley. After following the signal on foot, it grows stronger as he approaches an industrial estate. 

15:30 – The Bobcat Excavator is located at the back of a warehouse in the industrial estate, carefully hidden behind a mound of mud. The finder calls the customer to confirm, who agrees to travel to the location and collect the machine.

15:40 – Finder backs off to a safe location, ensuring the Excavator is still in sight. He awaits the arrival of the customer. 

16:30 – To his surprise, the finder witnesses the Excavator being loaded onto a flat bed trailer! Which is then towed away from the crime scene. 

16:35 – The finder instantly calls 999 for immediate police assistance, and pursues the stolen excavator by car.

16:50 – Great response from the police, as they join the chase! 

17:05 – The thief voluntarily pulls over to hand himself in to the police.

17:10 – Another spanner in the works as the thief makes a run for it!

17:20 – The run is short lived as the thief is blocked by a police vehicle further down the road. Suspect apprehended by the police. It turns out the van and trailer were also stolen… hat trick for Sure Track! 

17:30 – The ecstatic customer arrives just at the right time and collects the excavator. 

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