25 August 2017

Stolen Generator recovered in Bolton

Posted in Recent Finds

Sure-Track's latest recoveries

Building and construction sites are perfect targets for thieves, especially when work has finished for the day and the site is empty.

In particular, we have recently noticed that generators are becoming an increasingly popular target for thieves. A stolen generator can be sold relatively quickly for a substantial amount of money. 

Our latest recovery was for a long standing customer, whose £20,000 generator was stolen overnight from construction site in the East of England. 

After receiving a notification from the customer that the generator had been stolen, Sure-Track put the MT3 tracking and recovery unit into alarm mode. 

When the unit provided a approximate location of the generator in Bolton, Sure-Track's experienced finder made his way to the scene. 

After a difficult search of a large rural area, and with the support of the police, the stolen generator was recovered from a travellers site and returned to the relieved customer.

With a 91% recovery rate, Sure-Track are encouraging owners of generator to fit an MT3 tracking and recovery device.

If generator theft, is a concern for you, get in touch with Sure Track today, and find out how our MT3 tracking unit could help you.