07 March 2016

Stolen: JCB 533-105 Telehandler

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Sure Track's MT3 tracking device makes another quick discovery.

Stolen: JCB 533-105 Telehandler

Date: 24/07/16

Customer: Yorkshire Construction Firm

Location: Manchester

Asset stolen: JCB 533-105 Telehandler

Asset value: £40,000

08:06 - The Sure Track Bureau receives a call from a Yorkshire based construction customer, alerting them to the theft of a JCB 533-105 Telehandler from a Manchester construction site.

08:10 - Sure Track confirm details of the theft and puts the MT3 tracking device into alarm mode.

09:20 – The MT3 tracking device goes into alarm, providing an approximate location of The Sea Life Centre, Manchester! Sure Track dispatch a finder to the area, complete with his finding wand (and snorkel!).

09:30 – As the finder was only a stone’s throw away, they arrived on site in a record time of only 10 minutes!

09:40 – The finder established that the position of the Sea Life Centre was adjacent to the entrance of Trafford Park industrial estate.

10:00 – After picking up a signal almost immediately from the MT3 tracking device, the finder got out of his car and continued his search on foot.

10.55 – It didn't take long until the finder called into the bureau and confirmed he had a suspected visual of the stolen JCB 533-105 Telehandler.

11.05 – The finder sent photographic evidence to the bureau and the customer confirmed it as their stolen JCB 533-105 Telehandler

11.15 – The police were notified, the finder backed off to a safer location and the customer dispatches a member of their team to collect the stolen machine.

11:30 – Whilst awaiting for the arrival of the customer, the finder is approached by a shady character enquiring to purchase the JCB…! He made a swift exit when the finder confirmed it wasn't for sale and in fact it was stolen.

12.30 – With everyone on site together, the Telehandler is safely backed onto trailer and Sure Tracks’ happy customer returns to Yorkshire with their recovered JCB.

12.35 – The finder celebrates with a trip to the Sea Life Centre, all paid for by Sure Track!

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