28 October 2020

Stolen Range Rover Recovery in London

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Sure-Track recovers a Range Rover for owner of large construction firm

The Range Rover is currently proving a popular target for UK car thieves, with varying models taking up 4 places in the 10 most stolen cars in Britain.

It’s thought that many of these thefts could be down to thieves hacking cars with keyless entry functions. This makes it crucial to commit to extra security measures to protect your car from theft.

Luckily for the owner of one of Sure-Tracks largest customers in the construction industry, as well as protecting his fleet with Sure-Tracks security equipment, he had also taken extra precaution by fitting his £90,000 Range Rover Autobiography with the Sure-Track MT3 Wireless Theft Recovery Tracker.

The London based individual called the Sure-Track monitoring station to alert them of the theft of his Range Rover from his home on a Sunday afternoon. The Sure-Track team promptly put the Range Rover's unit into alarm mode.

Within a few hours, the device provided an approximate location of the vehicle, andRange Rover the finder arrived in the area within the hour.

By using a combination of cell site triangulation and research of the area, alongside the finders RF scanning equipment, the finder was able to gain better insight of the vehicle's location. The signal brought the finder to residential street in East London, where the finder confirmed the vehicle had already been fitted with false number plates!

Upon arrival at the scene, the police gained access to the vehicle and the original number plates were found inside the vehicle. By midnight, the police were on route to the customers’ home, to return his Range Rover! All in all, a swift and efficient weekend recovery!