04 December 2015

Stolen: Takeuchi TB228 Excavator

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Another great result for one of our Northern customers!

Stolen: Takeuchi TB228 Excavator

Date: 26/11/15

Customer: Plant Hire Company

Asset stolen: Takeuchi TB228 Excavator

Asset value: £25,000

09:30 - Sure Track Bureau recives a call from a concerned Plant Hire company, to report the overnight theft of a Takeuchi TB228 Excavator from a construction site in Rochdale.

09:45 - Sure Track confirm details of the theft and put the MT3 unit into alarm mode. 

11:30 - Unit goes into alarm, giving a position in the Rochdale area. Sure Track dispatch a finder to the area.
12:45 - Unit shows good health and signal strength. Finder remains in contact with the bureau throughout. 

13:30 - The finder arrives in the suspected area. The difficult search for the Takeuchi TB228 Excavator begins!

15:25 - Finder is in contact with West Yorkshire Police.

16:15 - The finder receives a faint RF signal, which progressively gets stronger and stronger, as he continues the search on foot.
18:25 - Great news!! The excavator is found behind a large retail unit. 
18.30 - To his horror the stolen machine is being reversed onto a low loader by the thieves! 
18.31  - Quick thinking by our finder as he imediatley calls 999 for instance response and follows the stolen machine. 
19.00 - On his pursuit, the finder stayed in contact with the police, providing them with accurate directions in order to close in on the stolen asset.
19:20 - The police cornered the truck in a housing estate. Truck and Excavator recovered by Police and thieves arrested. A close call, but the customer is left very happy! Nothing can deter the Sure Track finder network!
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