04 August 2018

Sure-Track maintains our 100% van recovery rate for 2018

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Sure-Track recovers stolen Mercedes van for construction business

Back in May we received a call from a long-standing customer, who reported that one of their vans had been stolen from a construction site in West London. We immediately got to work on the recovery, and put the tracker into alarm mode.

The thieves had clearly gone to a lot of work to keep the vehicle hidden, and after a frustrating wait of nearly 3 weeks (we believe the vehicle was stored in a metal container until sold), we finally picked up a signal in Burnley… over 200 miles from its last known location!

At this point we dispatched a finder to the scene to begin the search for the vehicle. Within a couple of hours, our finder reached the approximate location provided by the tracking unit and continued his search on foot for the stronger signal.

Result! In less than 45 minutes the vehicle was discovered on the side of a road, innocently parked up by its latest owner.

The police were called to the scene immediately to investigate the crime, and the customer was alerted that they could collect their van.   

Upon recovery, it was discovered that the thieves stole the van by getting through a window and taking control through the OBDII Port. They had completed a thorough check for trackers finding only the dummy unit Sure-Track had cleverly supplied our customer, which they took to be live!

Luckily the damage wasn’t too severe and the customer was able to drive the vehicle away.

When stopping to refuel he made a fascinating discovery. In the back of the van, under some covers were the parts of a high-end BMW.

Again, the police were called and the issue was dealt with accordingly.

This find is a testament to the MT3’s battery saving technology, multi network SIM and our experienced and skilled finder network… where most trackers would have failed, the MT3 succeeded.

This was clearly a sophisticated crime organisation that again were outsmarted by Sure-Track!

Van recovery rate for 2018 – 100%!

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