16 July 2019

Stolen wood chipper worth £22,000 recovered by Sure-Track

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Stolen Timberwolf wood chipper recovered in Bolton

The theft of high value machinery can be seriously damaging for small forestry companies. These types of crimes often involve significant damage to the property where the machine is stored, as well as additional losses such as chainsaws, climbing kits and other vital equipment. To compound this issue, the remote rural locations where forestry equipment is stored, results in elongated police response times.

The recent theft of a Timberwolf wood chipper in Cheshire left a Sure-Track customer in an extremely worrying position. Not only was his machine stolen but the many of his tools were also missing. Luckily, the wood chipper was fitted with our Wireless Theft Recovery Tracker, which, with its 91% recovery rate within 9 hours, was a huge saving grace.
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Sure-Track knew we had to act fast. The unit was put into alarm and within a couple of hours, one of our experienced finders dispatched to a location near Bolton. Using RF scanning equipment to pick up a signal, they began a thorough investigation of the area. The signal was picked up within a matter of minutes, and the police arrived promptly to assist with a successful recovery.

Not only was the wood chipper recovered, but a majority of the tools were also there, leaving one very happy customer!

If you are a tree surgeon or forestry business with a concern about machinery theft, get in touch with Sure-Track today to discuss how our Wireless Theft Recovery Tracker could help you.