17 January 2017

Sure-Track recovers a Bobcat Excavator within Four Hours

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A recent survey carried out by the insurer Allianz Cornhill has revealed that more than £70M worth of construction and plant machinery was stolen from sites across the UK in 2016. It estimates that the UK construction industry is now losing over £800 million a year when other costs associated with plant theft are taken into account.

Thieves are attracted to plant machinery because of the generally very low recovery rates (less than 10%) compared with motor vehicles (55-60%). This is because plant machinery has few identifying marks that can be easily seen and lack of registration documents mean it is difficult for the police to identify stolen plant and return it to the owner.

Owners of plant machinery have been urged to step up their security efforts to help address this growing problem. With a 91% recovery rate, Sure-Track are encouraging owners of plant machinery to fit an MT3 tracking and recovery device.

Read on to discover our latest theft recovery within the plant and construction industry. A Bobcat Excavator, stolen from a plant hire company in Leicester.

10:00 – Sure-Track receive a call from a concerned plant hire customer, reporting the theft of their Bobcat Excavator, from a construction site in Leicester

10:30 - The MT3 tracking and recovery unit is put into alarm mode, as one of our experienced finders is alerted and put on standby. The finder awaits further instructions.

12:00 - The MT3 tracking unit alarms in with an approximate location of Doncaster Airport. The finder is immediately alerted and makes their way to the scene

13:00 - The finder promptly arrives at the approximate location given by the MT3 tracking unit.

13:30 – The finder circles the area around the airport. As he approaches an area of wasteland the signal from the MT3 tracking unit gets stronger. He’s onto something!!

13:40 – The signal is strong enough convince the finder to continue his pursuit on foot.

14:00 – Success!! The Bobcat Excavator is found hidden and abandoned amongst the wasteland! The keys were still in the ignition so the finder calls the customer and with his instructions is able to move the machine to a safer roadside location.

14:00 – The finder alerts the police of the find.

15:00 – The police arrive on site and take a statement from the finder and awaits the arrival of the customer.

16:00 – The happy customer arrives on site and retrieves their Bobcat Excavator, which is back on site that evening!

If plant theft is a concern for you, get in touch with Sure Track today, and find out how our MT3 tracking unit could help you.