01 December 2017

Transit van recovered for Scout group

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Sure-Track's latest recovery

 As the Cub Scout motto says, you should always 'Be Prepared', which is just what a Scout group in the South East ensured when they fitted their minibus with a Sure-Track MT3. 

Earlier this week, Sure-Track received a call from a concerned Patrol Leader who discovered the troop's White Ford Transit Minibus, worth £15,000, had been stolen. The Sure-Track bureau assured the Patrol Leader that we 'promise to do our best'... and that's exactly what we did! 


The finder was dispatched in the very early hours of the morning and arrived at the area of interest by sunrise. The finder picked up a radio frequency signal just off the M25. 

As the finder pursued the signal, the bureau received a movement alarm, meaning the vehicle was being driven to another location. 

The Sure-Track finder quickly re-routed and headed to the latest signal area. After searching for about 15 minutes the finder found the van, another great result for Sure-Track!

The police were called and responded quickly, the customer was informed. 

It was recovered by the Patrol Leader using their original key after it was cloned (no damage to the vehicle).

The reg plates had been changed and the Scout stickers had been removed from the sides of the minibus.
The police escorted him to the nearest Halfords to revert the plates to the correct Reg.
Later, the Patrol Leader called the office to express his thanks. 

If vehicle theft is a concern for you, get in touch with Sure-Track today and find out how our MT3 tracking unit could help you.