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 Plant Immobilizer


In the last five years quite a substantial worth of plant vehicles and equipment have been stolen in the UK with only about 9% recovered. The problem is quite critical in the construction and agriculture industry. Various statistics available indicate that cases of thefts are on the rise in the country which is why it makes viable business sense to install advanced plant immobilizer devices within plant and agriculture equipment to prevent your expensive vehicles being accessed or towed away in unauthorized manner.

Sure-Track’s Keypad Immobilizer solution

Sure-Track offers standard and custom-made immobilizer solution that are made to fit with individual client’s requirements. Armed with technical expertise and thorough hands-on knowledge, the team offers optimized security solutions that makes your fleet management stronger and fool proof.

  • Equipped with movement sensors that immediately sends out alert when the vehicle is moved away unlawfully.
  • The immobilizer system is installed and hidden within the equipment concealing it well from normal vision and making it look like part of the equipment.
  • The immobilizer unit is integrated with recovery solutions for enhanced safety and security of your plant.
  • Based on telematics, our keypad device is meant for enabling security through controlled access.
  • An assured and guaranteed anti-theft system complete with advanced forms of GPS technology.
  • Advanced options for alerts pertaining to unauthorized activation like seatbelt activation and unscheduled engine hours.

Sure-Track’s solutions are powered by leading edge technology with guaranteed results and high performance. Whether it is prevention of illegal access to plant equipment or recovery of stolen vehicles, our systems are geared for superlative action.