Fleet Management

The Sure-Track ST2700 is an extremely sophisticated wired-in fleet management system that has been designed to allow the user to monitor and report on vehicles & machines.

This impressive GPS product allows the user to increase productivity & efficiency of their fleet by receiving minute by minute updates on locations, working/machine hours and driver’s behaviour.

With numerous different interfaces, digital and analog inputs and outputs, this system can be configured to allow you to manage data to and from the unit for many different applications. This includes temperature readings, immobilisation, crash detection and driver identification.


This product is mainly used on commercial vehicles and plant machinery but can be fitted to almost any powered asset. In addition to this, Sure-Track also offer tailored solutions; an example would be a road gritting vehicle. The user would want information about the GPS location as well as when/where it was gritting.

Main Features:

Provides information via the Sure-Track Platform by way of Maps, Reports and/or Alerts for:

  • GPS Vehicle positioning
  • Speed, Acceleration, Braking & Idling
  • Geo-fencing
  • Employee Working Hours
  • Vehicle Stop/Start
  • Overall Driver Scores
  • Usage outside working hours
  • Unauthorised Movement
  • Servicing and Maintenance
  • Impacts before & after crash
  • Recording of Business Mileage
  • Specialised Plant Reporting
  • Back up battery
  • Inputs Outputs Interfaces

Reporting & Alerts

Below we have detailed some of the main reports and alerts that are available for the ST2700. We have lots of other available reports and if we don’t have one that suits your need then bespoke reports can be created:

  • GPS Journey reports supply a snail trail of journey information including start, stop and locations in between.
  • Drivers score report, minimise poor driving across the fleet
  • Speeding reports
  • Daily Report provides summary details of all journeys and activities.
  • Input & Output Reports provide detailed data on when and where used.
  • Interface Reports and Alerts for temperature or Driver Identification depending on the unit configuration.
  • Impact Detection report shows the level of impact, time and location both before and after the incident.
  • Business/Private Mileage report can be configured to aid employee monthly vehicle administration.
  • Servicing & Maintenance alerts can help assist with schedule servicing and legally required maintenance.
  • All reports and alerts are pre-configured to your exact requirements and can be received by text or email.

Installation & Power

The ST2700 is a wired-in unit with built in cellular and GPS antennas to help aid easy installation.  In the event of the asset being disconnected from its mains power the unit will alert you and switch backup battery.

Inputs & outputs

  • 5 Digital Inputs for ancillary devices -  to record when an attachment is operating.
  • 3 Digital Outputs  to allow remote access to the asset via the unit i.e. Immobilistation
  • 1 wire interface allows data to be sent from the asset to the platform via the unit i.e: temperature sensors or dallas key for driver identification
  • 2 Serial Interfaces for NMEA data
  • 2 Analogue Inputs
  • jPOD Truck ECU Interface
  • Garmin FMI compatible interface


  • Dimensions :90 x 54 x 20 mm
  • Weight:85g
  • Temperature Range:- 30oC to + 75oC


The ST2700 can be configured when powered to send information anywhere between once a day to once a minute depending upon your requirements.  

All configuration and update requests can be carried out over air using SMS and GPRS making it easy to change settings and update firmware.

Fleet Management Video

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