Thief Beaters

Theft Deterrent Identification Marking

The Thiefbeaters Theft Deterrent system has been designed to deter would be thieves from stealing your asset by making it hard to sell on or break down for parts. We achieve this by marking it with a unique identifier in over 40 different locations. It is then registered on the national database that can be accessed by the owner, police and insurance companies.


  • Plant & Agriculture
  • Commercial Fleet & Logistics
  • HGV Trailers & Tractors
  • Catering Trailers
  • Specialist Vehicle Hire
  • Caravans, Campervans & Motorhomes
  • Classic Cars & Performance Vehicles
  • Horse Boxes & Trailers
  • Jet Skis & Boats
  • Insurance Providers

Main Features

  • Over 40 different types of markings covering both the interior and exterior of the asset:
    • Etching
    • Engraving
    • Stamping
    • Stickers
    • Micro Dots
  • Registration on to the National Secure Database
  • No additional charges for stolen asset reports, updating personal information or required documentation for your insurance company
  • Effective Solution for Insurance providers helping reduce claims in high theft markets
  • Attracts Insurance Discounts for the end user

Installation & Registration

The Thiefbeater System is installed by a registered installer who has been trained in etching, engraving and stamping. The installer will be issued with a unique identifier which is then used to mark your asset in over 40 different locations using the above detailed methods, along with stickers and microdots. This information is then uploaded onto our National Database.

Once installation has been completed an official Welcome Pack will be forwarded to you. This pack contains all the information you need to report the theft or sale of your asset along with the Registration Document which outlines the locations of the TB number on your property as well as giving a full description and details of the registered owner/keeper.

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