09 August 2016

Helping to reduce the cost of plant and construction theft

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Sure Track recovers a stolen Komatsu PC09-1 Mini Excavator

Helping to reduce the cost of plant and construction theft

A recent survey conducted for the Chartered Institute of Building identified that 92% of their respondents in the construction industry are affected regularly by theft, with over 21% of these revealing that theft takes place on a weekly basis from their sites.Theft of construction equipment runs at over £2 million per day in the UK and only about 5% is ever recovered.

This high volume of plant and construction theft means that many in the industry are taking extra precautions to ensure their sites and machinery are secure. Sure Track works with many plant and construction companies across the UK, who take advantage of our MT3 tracking and recovery unit to increase their chance of getting their equipment back quickly, should it ever be stolen.

01 August 2016

Staying one step ahead of car thieves

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Car stolen from car dealer forecourt, recovered in less than 3 hours!

After two decades on the decline, the number of cars stolen in England and Wales rose by a staggering 9% in 2015 alone. In response to this, Sure Track works with many car owners as well as a high volume of top car dealers. Our Thatcham approved MT3 tracking and recovery device helps car owners and dealers remain one step ahead of thieves, safe in the knowledge that should their vehicle ever be stolen, we'll go above and beyond to ensure it gets recovered!

Read on to discover our latest find, a car stolen from a car dealer’s forecourt in Manchester!

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