Business Fleet Management & Tracking

Sure-Track provide a range of Fleet Management Solutions tailored for Businesses. Whether you are looking to monitor driver behaviour, monitor your fleet or protect your assets (and pro-actively recover in the event of a theft), we have a solution to help your business run smoothly with mimimal disruption. 

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Theft Deterrent Tracking Solution

Designed to help prevent your asset from being stolen by marking in different locations using different techniques, this makes it difficult for a thief to sell on or strip down for parts. 

  1. Identification Marking Solution

Asset Recovery Solutions

Sure Track asset recovery systems recover assets after theft using a battery powered GSM/GPRS/RF covert tracking devices and comes complete with 24/7 monitoring and access to our finder network.

  1. MT3 Asset Recovery Device

Fleet Management Devices

Can be used to monitor vehicle activity and can also help with driver behaviour and location management.

  1. ST620 (A self contained unit that is fitted to the asset using supplied sticky pads or magnets. Both the cellular and GPS antennas are built-in to the unit so no separate position, hiding or wiring is required for these)
  2. ST1100 (The Sure-Track ST1100 is a wired-in fleet management system that has been designed to allow the user to protect and optimise the usage of their assets whilst in the field)
  3. ST1200 (The Sure-Track ST1200 is a wired-in fleet management system with a rechargeable battery pack that has been designed to sit without power in the field for extended periods of time) 
  4. ST2700 (The Sure-Track ST2700 is an extremely sophisticated wired-in fleet management system that has been designed to allow the user to monitor and report on equipment/ machinery attachments and functions as well as driver behaviour to help to increase productivity, efficiency, profitability and assist with managing health and safety regulations)
  5. ST3000 (The Sure-Track ST3000 is a plug in OBD device that has been designed for easy reliable installation into vehicles to monitor and report on vehicle and driver behaviour thereby helping to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability and assist with managing health and safety regulations)

Tracking Solutions for Personal Use

This page is focused on business vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, but Sure Track do offer a range of devices and solutions for personal use. Many of our clients use Sure Track to monitor and protect their classic vehicles, caravans, motorhomes and trailers. We even offer tracking devices for jet-skis, boats, motorbikes etc. In fact, within reason we can offer a tracking solution for almost anything. 

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