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Wireless Theft Recovery Tracking 


With rise in auto thefts, most vehicle owners today rely on steadfast recovery tracking systems for peace of mind. A theft recovery system operates on telematics  technology where the device is fitted into the vehicle and by using wireless tracking and GPS technology, recovering stolen vehicles – personal or commercial – becomes a speedier and swifter process compared to the conventional methods of vehicle recovery. In other words, an unswerving recovery tracker installed in your automobile is a smart way of safe guarding your vehicle from harm’s way.

Sure-Track MT3 Tracking Device – a fool proof system that is a must for your vehicle Sure-Track’s recovery solutions have till date been one of the most successful in the country in getting back stolen vehicles in the fastest possible time. 91% of vehicles fitted with our advanced devices are recovered within 9 hours of theft – an achievement that we are proud of.

We have been working in the vehicle tracking and recovery niche for years now and believe in consistently improvising our technology to better our own track record. While you are busy focusing on your work, we at Sure-Track ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly monitored, equipped with the best ant-theft solutions and kept safe from thefts and disruptions to your workflow. The Sure-Track system is available in two formats – the wired and the wireless solution enabling customers to choose from the best cutting-edge technology available in the country today. Sure-Track is committed to provide clients with cost-effective recovery solutions that protects your vehicles and works at expedited speed to get back stolen assets.