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If the worst happens and your equipment, vehicle or other important asset is stolen you really just want it back as quickly as possible and with a minimum of fuss.

Insurance is all well and good, but it is never fast enough to prevent disruption and upset; disruption to your business through downtime and increased costs; upset because you often lose items that have more than just economic value.

Extravagant claims are made for GPS based tracking technology. The reality is that it is all too easy to disable. In any case it is unrealistic to expect over-stretched and regionally constrained police forces to chase down every moving dot on a screen.

So at Sure-Track we have developed a different technology approach and supplemented that with a team of specialist finders who call in the police only when they have clearly located and identified your property.

Others may track….we get it back.

The result….we recover 91% stolen assets with 9 hours